The grounds are extensive and you are free to explore them. Collect fresh eggs, pick fresh fruit and vegetables from our large vegetable patch, feed the pigs and hens. Listen to nature, during your stay you may see deer, wild boar, owls, hawks, bats, and snakes. You may also hear crickets, frogs, foxes, deer, owls, and other wildlife at night. We try not to illuminate the grounds too much, to avoid light pollution, so you can see a wonderful array of stars, the milky way and satellites passing overhead.

We are trying to be increasingly Eco-Friendly and have installed solar panels on the properties. There is an EV charger available. We sort all of our waste for recycling and would ask you to try to do the same during your stay. Feed the kitchen waste to our hens and stale bread to the pigs. Take your empty bottles to the village glass collection point

The tap water is extremely clean and drinkable here, as we are on the same level as the water tower. Rather than buying plastic bottles of water, we encourage you to use the tap water for drinking.

We also try to be very conscious of our water consumption and ask you to do the same during your stay with us. We have plenty of spare laundry if you need anything please ask rather than running a small washing load. Thank you!

Aerial Views